Workshop | Serverless Continuous Deployment on AWS

Serverless is the latest trend in application and system architecture, but it’s not obvious or intuitive how to design, build, or operate serverless applications. Mike Roberts discusses the benefits, trade-offs, and concepts of Serverless Architecture, and then takes you on a journey of building a Serverless application using Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies like API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, and SNS.

Beyond just development you’ll be learning how to deploy and run these technologies in a “Continuous Deployment Driven” fashion. After a brief introduction to fundamentals we’ll bootstrap our work in a full Serverless CD environment using CodePipeline, CloudFormation and more.

Required audience experience

Some experience of AWS, and Continuous Delivery/Continuous Deployment


Learn about Serverless, in the context of how to actually use it, in a robust way using well-defined engineering practices, like source control, continuous deployment, and infrastructure as code.

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Location: Date: May 15, 2018 Time: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm Mike Roberts, Symphonia