Workshop | Developing Operators for Kubernetes

The aim of this workshop is to develop an operator which is a custom controller for automating tasks on Kubernetes clusters. Developing operators is an increasingly popular approach in the Kubernetes community.

  • The workshop exercises will use Go, but experience in any modern language such as Java or Python is sufficient.

  • Experience or knowledge of Kubernetes is needed, as this is an intermediate workshop and not an introduction to Kubernetes.

  • A laptop with WiFi and Go 1.9, Docker and the latest version of Minikube installed is necessary to participate.

During this workshop the attendee will automate tasks within Kubernetes by creating an operator. The attendee will learn how to extend the Kubernetes API with a custom endpoint, then write a controller to watch this endpoint using the library. Basic aspects of using the client-go library will be covered during this workshop, giving a good overview of automating Kubernetes related tasks in Go in general.

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Location: Date: May 18, 2018 Time: 09.30 - 5:00 pm Ross Fairbanks, Giant Swarm Paweł Kopiczko, Giant Swarm