Where’s my money gone? – Microservices in a fin-tech business

Chris Burrell, Landbay

If you log in to your savings account and find your money has gone missing, you might not be sticking around with that company for too long. In fact, you might even want to sue them! On a financial platform, every fraction of a penny can make a big difference.

The microservices paradigm brings more flexibility to software development, but it doesn’t come for free. Whether it’s network issues or software bugs, it’s important to be able to reconcile, and rectify the platform quickly. Having a 99 per cent success rate is not good enough – your reputation is on the line. Losing a day’s worth of transactions by restoring backups isn’t usually an option either!

Required audience experience

An interest in building resilient and eventual consistent systems.

Objective of the talk

In this talk, we will address the question “What are the necessary building blocks for building a safe, robust and trustworthy event-driven financial platform?” We will describe what our architecture looks like and, how we addressed some of the key NFRs of supportability, resiliency and consistency.

You can view Chris’ slides below:

Chris Burrell – Continuous Lifecycle – Wheres My Money Gone-v0.4.V2pptx

You can view the session below:

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Location: Date: May 16, 2018 Time: 3:45 pm - 4:30 pm Chris Burrell, Landbay Chris Burrell, Landbay