Traditional Testing: The Silent Killer of DevOps

Many organizations today are adopting DevOps to accelerate software delivery. However, once they have invested significant time and money optimizing most parts of the software delivery process, testing holds them back from achieving the desired results. Why? Because software testing is still dominated by yesterday’s tools and processes—which don’t meet the needs of today’s business needs.

This session explains why Continuous Testing is essential for DevOps. We’ll explain what CT requires from the tester and outline the steps you can take to ensure you’re prepared for this transformation. We’ll also explore how QA professionals can protect an optimize their business at scale.

Required audience experience

Agile development and testing, general understanding of DevOps, and familiarity with service virtualization

Objective of the talk

Learn why so many organizations are finding that traditional testing processes are throttling their acceleration efforts—and how Continuous Testing not only helps testers to keep pace, but also to elevate their role within the organization.

You can view Ingo’s slides below:

Ingo Philipp Traditional Testing V2

You can view the session below:

Track 3
Location: Date: May 17, 2018 Time: 11:50 am - 12:35 pm Ingo Philipp, Tricentis