The Death of Enterprise Architecture: defeating the DevOps, microservices, and cloud-native assassins

Current application theory says that all responsibility for software should be pushed down to the actual DevOps-style team writing, delivering, and running the software. This leaves the Enterprise Architect role in the dust, effectively killing it off. In addition to this being disquieting to EAs out there who have steep mortgage payments and other expensive hobbies, it seems to drop the original benefits of enterprise architecture, namely oversight of all IT-related activities to make sure things both don’t go wrong (e.g., with spending, poor tech choices, problematic integration, etc.) and that things, rather, go right.

Required audience experience

Just being familiar with working in large organizations.

Objective of the talk

I talk a lot with enterprise architects who are doing the whole digital transformation dance and are struggling to figure out what their role is and what kind of “governance” is needed and helpful in a DevOps/cloud-native world. I’ll go over what I’ve seen that works, and doesn’t so far.

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Michael Cote 201800515 rethinking enterprise architecture

You can view the session below:

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Location: Date: May 16, 2018 Time: 10:55 am - 11:40 am Michael Coté, Pivotal