Prometheus is taking the monitoring world by storm, in cloud-native and traditional environments. This talk will cover new developments in the Prometheus world and give an outlook on the roadmap of the project.

We will look at 2.0’s main new features, namely its new storage engine’s hyperscalability, Prometheus’ generic read/write interface, and its third-party integrations like InfluxDB and Weave Cortex. With this covered, we will have a look at 2.1 and afterwards as well the current state of OpenMetrics.

Required audience experience
Attendees should ideally be familiar with Prometheus and its underlying concepts to gain full advantage from the talk. That said, anyone with a working understanding of monitoring will benefit from this talk.

Objective of the talk
Updates and news about the Prometheus world, including:

  • Prometheus’ new storage engine and its benefits
  • The new generic read/write interface, enabling long-term storage
  • Third-party integrations like InfluxDB and Weave Cortex
  • Prometheus’ exposition and how to make more vendors and projects support it

You can view Richard’s slides below:

Richard Hartmann Continuous_Lifecycle_London_2018-05-16-Quo_Vadis_Prometheus

You can view the session below:


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Track 3
Location: Date: May 16, 2018 Time: 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm Richard Hartmann, SpaceNet