Leveraging Automation for a Disposable Infrastructure (Sponsored session)

Moving from the Iron Age to the Cloud Age in computing is supposed to save us money, but many migrations seem to cost more in the long run and result in an infrastructure that is as complex to manage as the one we had before. This is often due to the so called “lift & shift” approach many take – it’s a short term win that doesn’t address why you wanted to move to the cloud in the first place.

The Cloud Age affords us the opportunity to not treat our infrastructure as something special, but as something disposable. By applying the practices of Continuous Integration and delivery to our infrastructure and configuration management, we can build truly scalable infrastructures to host our application’s wildest dreams.

In this sponsored talk, we will look at the tools and processes that can be adopted to truly make use of the possibilities of the Cloud.

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Mike Fowler Leveraging Automation for a Disposable Infrastructure

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Track 3
Location: Date: May 17, 2018 Time: 10.55 - 11:40 am Mike Fowler, Claranet