Infrastructure as Code as Collaboration: how Ansible and Jenkins can keep projects in step across timezones

Nikki Bailey, Illumina

At Illumina, we run petabyte-scale genetic analysis tools, with separate regional installs of our platform so that customers can keep their data on home soil. To keep an agile release cadence without a huge operational overheard, we use Ansible to store infrastructure and config as code, and Jenkins Pipeline DSL to orchestrate and deploy changes, and pull requests to drive our change management process.

Last year we set out to build our service securely in China on AWS: a mission riddled with legal, logistical and technical challenges. This talk is about how our tools measured up: what saved us time; how they sped up our process; and what we’d change if we could go back and tweak things.

Required audience experience

The audience should understand the concept of infrastructure as code, and why CI/CD and configuration management tools are valuable even for a co-located team.

Objective of the talk

The audience will learn how these tools help globally distributed teams collaborate and ramp up quickly, and design patterns to make Ansible roles and playbooks portable. Also, an interesting set of gotchas about building services in AWS China!

You can view Nikki’s slides below:

Nikki Bailey Config-as-code-as-collaboration-FINAL

You can view the session below:

Track 1
Location: Date: May 17, 2018 Time: 1:35 pm - 2:20 pm Nikki Bailey, Illumina Nikki Bailey, Illumina