Future proof your databases: Extend DevOps across your database infrastructure (Sponsored Session)

With businesses continuing to drive the adoption of DevOps methodologies such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, the need to include databases into those processes has become even more important. In many companies, the database development lifecycle has become the bottleneck in an otherwise agile delivery process. As such, database professionals are under increasing pressure to shorten delivery timelines even further, only increasing the stakes within an already high-stress, risk-averse environment.

With little room for error in an environment where downtime can cost millions of dollars, the need to extend DevOps processes across the entire database infrastructure in order to reduce risk and deliver consistently reliable results is more important than ever.

Utilising a real-world scenario/use case involving both on-premise and cloud databases, John Pocknell will show attendees how to implement an end-to-end agile approach to database management in this sponsored session.

From monitoring, to root-cause diagnostics, problem resolution and data replication, John will show the entire agile database management workflow, including DevOps integration, enabling organisations to deploy changes to production safely and fast, when end users are jumping down the DBAs throat and money is on the line.

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Location: Date: May 17, 2018 Time: 11.50 - 12.35 John Pocknell, Quest Software John Pocknell, Quest Software