Cloud Native Continuous Delivery

Christian Deger, AutoScout24

You know that adopting Continuous Delivery is key to a high-performance company. You’ve read the books and are ready to build microservices in the cloud. Great! Let’s go back to the principles and see how to apply them in a cloud native environment. What used to be about shipping code to static servers, is now about quickly creating decoupled pipelines for new services that are readily wired up into the platform, and everything is driven by code. This talk will give concrete guidance for a world where autonomous teams continuously deploy many independent services and containers into an infrastructure that is dynamically created via APIs. Release without staging environment, but with confidence.

Required audience experience

Basic understanding of continuous delivery and cloud.

Objective of the talk

Learn how to apply cloud native concepts to the delivery pipeline itself and how the concepts of continuous delivery need to be adjusted for microservices in the cloud. Hear real world examples, including how to QA in production.

You can view Christian’s slides below:

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You can view the session below:

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Track 2
Location: Date: May 17, 2018 Time: 4:40 pm - 5:25 pm Christian Deger, AutoScout24 Christian Deger, RIO (Volkswagen Truck & Bus)