Closing the Loop on Database DevOps

Elizabeth Ayer, Redgate Software

The first wave of DevOps crashed on the rock of the database. Databases, precious treasures chests of business-critical data, didn’t fit the development pattern of disposable artefacts. Furthermore, you had a clash of cultures too.  As protectors of the jewels, database administrators ensured safety through preventing change, not by speeding it up.

Then, new techniques and tooling emerged for bringing the database into the deployment pipeline.  DevOps teams could manage database migrations alongside application changes and test them using similar techniques. Problem solved, right?  Not quite.  Unfortunately, the pipeline was one-directional. Deployments might now be fast and repeatable, but they were still not reliable because of the difficulty of ensuring realistic test environments.

But now that problem has a solution too:  great techniques and technologies (containers and more) have been developed for managing the flow of data and databases back into an organisation.  Even more surprisingly, GDPR is not a roadblock, but an enabler for adoption.  Join me and find out how!

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Location: Date: May 17, 2018 Time: 1:35 pm - 2:20 pm Elizabeth Ayer, Redgate Software Elizabeth Ayer, Redgate Software